Who We Are

Jessica Rodriguez

After years of representing clients across Eastern Washington District and Superior Courts, I proudly founded Rodriguez Law to serve the Tri-Cities area. As a dedicated lawyer born and raised in Pasco, I have strong connections, deep family roots, and a profound sense of belonging to this community where my husband and I raise our two young children. 

I’ve been in private practice for the past decade, successfully handling hundreds of cases yearly.  Clients have entrusted me to represent them across numerous Washington counties, including Benton and Franklin.  Armed with in-depth knowledge of criminal defense, my focus became DUI, misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile defense work, traffic infractions, criminal investigations, probation violations, civil protection orders, post-conviction issues, warrants, Department of Licensing proceedings, and other related work.

Throughout my career, I have collected a vast network of resources to provide comprehensive support for my clients. In private practice, the role of a lawyer extends beyond the courtroom. Networking, selecting the proper referrals for providers, experts, and agencies, and being informed about local judicial appointments, elections, and the local legal landscape, are all crucial aspects of providing excellent service to my clients. Investing in the competency of my staff and continually staying updated on current laws and continued legal education allows me to stay ahead in the courtroom.

My clients trust me to guide them through the complexities of the legal system. I understand the immense importance of their trust, and I strive to provide strategic counsel, dedicated support, and personalized defense based on their unique needs.

If you or a loved one need legal advice, I urge you to contact my office and schedule a consultation. Together, we can navigate a pathway to a brighter future.

When it comes to your legal defense, don't settle.
Rodriguez Law is by your side.