Criminal Investigations

Navigating a Criminal Investigation: The Power of Strategic Legal Representation

If you find yourself under criminal investigation, seeking legal counsel before charges are filed is a proactive measure, we, at Rodriguez Law highly recommend. Our extensive experience in handling such cases has shown that this early intervention can significantly impact the outcome.

During the investigative phase, law enforcement is tasked with building a case based on their initial perspective. It is not a question of integrity; rather, it’s a natural human tendency to focus on evidence that aligns with preconceived notions. Understanding this, our seasoned team has successfully guided numerous clients through this challenging process in several jurisdictions across Eastern Washington.

Engaging our services establishes a communication channel between you and law enforcement, ensuring that all interactions are channeled through us. This not only provides you with control over the information you share but also allows us to guide you on whether engaging directly with the police is in your best interest. Generally, we advise against speaking to law enforcement without a lawyer present.  This step is crucial, as law enforcement may seek information during moments of vulnerability.

Our track record demonstrates that, even if charges do result, prosecutors are often open to considering additional information we provide. We have successfully negotiated reduced charges in many cases and, on occasion, resolved matters swiftly before formal charges were filed. This approach not only expedites the resolution process but also minimizes the need for prolonged court proceedings. Our work has also resulted in a prosecuting attorney declining to file charges from serious felonies to misdemeanors. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in legal fees by being retained before a charging decision has been made. 

Moreover, our legal representation empowers you to conduct an independent investigation with the assistance of a private investigator if necessary. This proactive approach enables us to pursue leads that law enforcement may have overlooked, potentially uncovering evidence that supports your innocence.

We take pride in the fact that every person we’ve assisted in a criminal investigation has expressed gratitude for having us by their side. At Rodriguez Law, our dedicated team is committed to providing strategic and effective representation, leveraging our network of resources and respected standing in the legal community. We aim to secure favorable outcomes for our clients, navigating the complexities of investigations with professionalism and integrity.


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